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Name : Mareme     Date : 2016-08-10    Hit : 992    
Title  Buyer
I didn\'t receive one of my order need to know what happened
admin   Dear customer,

Thank you for purchasing our product from shop.
As for your order,
I'm sorry to inform that we were unable to fulfill one of your order temporarily due to our suppliers’ summer vacation.
The vacation is from Aug 5th to 16th.
We sent a message to inform this issue when we shipped available item first. I think the message went missing.
We do sincerely apologize for this matter.
You can choose another item as a replacement(THELEES made) in a similar price range.
Otherwise, kindly let us know if it's fine for you to wait to be restocked or you prefer to be refunded.
For your reference, there is high possibility of completely sold-out from the supplier because the item is the oldest model that has been long after released.
Hence, I would recommend you choose replacement or refund.
Hope you get back to us with your preference. It would be better for faster response if you email us at
Again, we apologize for the hassles and inconveniences we might caused you.
Thank you and have a great day!


Yasser   this is for my order

i only recevid one items and as per your massage i understood that the buyer will not be available until the 16Aug

its okay ill be waiting but i only need this item if the rest is not available
(SHS457-GRAY) TheLees Business Mens Slim Fit Single Two Button Premier Suit Set

if its all available then you can send it all.
admin   Thanks for your response.
We are continuing to fulfill the items, and I will follow up with any updates (tracking number or sold out) I receive.
I expect to dispatch the shipment within 1-2 day.
In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with any questions that may come up.
Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

admin   Hello Yasser

I hope you are well.
I would like to inform you that 2 items (SHS457 and MZJ10) was fulfilled and shipped via DHL today.
Please try to track the shipment with tracking# 4159076784 after 12 hours.
For other 2 items (STL), we still has been waiting to be fulfilled from supplier.
If we won't be able to get stock in this week, I will email you then.
Please let us know your preference if you don't want to wait and get refund for the items, or replace others.
Thank you for your time and consideration. .

Best regards,
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