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Name : Yasser Abuthurya     Date : 2016-08-12    Hit : 1064    
Title  Missing items
Hello there

this is for My order number 20160804232415311MC

I only received (LCJ10) Slim Fit Double Zipper Hood Cotton Jacket

i didn't receive the rest of the order can i know why?and when i will receive it?


admin   Good day!

I hope you are well.
First of all, we would like to extend our gratitude for your purchases in our store.
We were unable to fulfill your order because it was It was our supplier's vacation from Aug 5th to 16th.
The notice pop-up came on main page and we sent a message to inform this matter. I think the message went missing.
As soon as the vacation is over, we will start to fulfill your order.
In the meantime if we are informed sold out from the supplier, I will contact you.
We have plan to ship your item via DHL and tracking number will be 4159076784.
Please try to track the shipment after this Wednesday.
Your kindness and cooperation would be appreciated.

Best Regards,
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