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Name : LaMonda Swann     Date : 2016-12-16    Hit : 1210    
Title  Mrs LaMonda
Can you call me at r 469-226-9991 or email me at
I put the wrong email when I sign up..I put and this is not the correct email.

What can I do to fix my email address, so I can see my status on my account.
admin   Hello
Thanks for your question.
Please follow the steps below to change your e-mail address:
1. Go to [MY PAGE]
2. Click to [MY ACCOUNT]
3. Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD
4. Enter the correct e-mail address in [PERSONAL DETAILS]
5. Click JOIN

Please try to change your e-mail address and if you can not change the e-mail address, please contact us again.
Thank you and have a great day.

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