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If you have any inquiries on weeekends or have a problem contacting us due to time difference,
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Name : Li-Hsing Lo     Date : 2017-04-03    Hit : 1496    
Title  Buisness
attach file :

We are intrested in making buisness with your company, contact us as soon as posible ;).
Representative: Li-Hsing Lo

Tel: +886-4-25660858

Fax: +886-4-25683346

Address: No.965, Sec. 3, Zhongqing Rd., Daya Dist., Taichung City 428, Taiwan


Skype: super770310
admin   Hello

Thank you for your message.

What business is it of your?
If you are interested in doing business with us, please kindly introudce your company.
And please email us at

Thank you
Have a good day!


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