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Name : Administrator     Date : 2012-12-17    Hit : 72226 
Title  ★ The official announcement about unauthorized use of a stolen credit card ★
Thank you for patronizing TheLeesshop
1. Recently we found someone who use other's credit card or other's Paypal account without the owner's permission.
   TheLeesshop can ask the buyers to submit related to document under the following cases.
   - when buyers placing an order, the case that their access IP and delivery country are not the same.
   - Several failures or usage of various cards
   - After checking payment information of the card company or Paygate.
     : Several failures with various credit cards or unauthorized payment
   - Customer information, payment information, order information : name, address, or email adress is different.
2. TheLeesshop checkes all information of the past years and compares it to new order information every day to find delinquent buyers.
3. Really sorry about the inconvenience you may experience and please help us so that we can fulfill orders.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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