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Name : Aidan Courtright     Date : 2017-09-23    Hit : 1389     Recom : 1  
Title  Winter Coat
  - Goods Name : (HWC) Slim Fit Hood Wool Coat
  - Model : HWC-BLACK-2XL
  - Member Height : 6.25 (ft)
  - Member Weight : 180 (lbs)

This coat is heavy duty. For the really cold days in the Northern US, when the blizzards strike,this is perfect. The wind can't bite through this and it has a really nifty lower face protector if you button the top button. There is both a zipper and buttons that look really sharp and prevent faulty unbuttoning. This coat also just look great. This is one of those products that you can wear everyday for a whole season and it won't wear out!
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