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Name : Mikhail Cooper     Date : 2017-07-31    Hit : 1424     Recom : 1  
Title  Very Light and Versatile Denim Jeans
  - Goods Name : (KPJ4122) Mens Casual Slim Fit Stretchy Comfy Moveable Straight Cotton Jeans
  - Model : KPJ4122-BLUE
  - Member Height : 6 (ft)
  - Member Weight : 185 (lbs)

I wear these as work pants, and the feel is pretty ideal. I also get a lot of compliments. Thanks thelees.
admin   Good day~!
Thank you for writing a review for our item
It's great to know that the pants are good for your work pants.
We hope that you can enjoy wearing it and feel comfortable.

We value your business and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Thank you

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