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Name : Faith Olapade     Date : 2017-02-16    Hit : 1615     Recom : 2  
Title  Perfect Parka for winter
attach file :

  - Goods Name : (JJK94) TheLees High Quality Parka Normal Fit Faux Raccoon Fur Hooded Coat
  - Model : JJK94-BLACK
  - Member Height : 180 (cm)
  - Member Weight : 65 (kg)

Living in Russia so you know buying a winter parka is a big deal, not only do you consider quality but weight is important too. This particular Parka surprised me, never seen a parka so light and effective at the same time. Even under adverse weather condition of -33 degrees centigrade it keeps me super warm. The hood provides a perfect cover for snowy periods. My best parka so far, I definitely Recommend.
admin   Hello

Thank you for your photo review:)
You look great with the parka JJK94 and we are happy to know that you are satisfied with the parka.
We hope that the parka satisfies you more and the parka keeps you warm in the cold winter weather.
We will continuously provide good products with great quality to our customers.

We value your business and look forward to doing business with you again soon.

Thank you so much!
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