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Name : Mikhail Cooper     Date : 2017-02-07    Hit : 1337     Recom : 1  
Title  Comfort beyond belief
attach file :

  - Goods Name : (KPJ4097) Mens Slim Fit Stretchy Comfy Moveable Straight Washing Cotton Jeans
  - Model : KPJ4097-BLUE
  - Member Height : 6 (ft)
  - Member Weight : 185 (lbs)

Having finally gotten the sizing correct for jeans purchased on I must say, I'm a totally satisfied shopper. Experiences like this is what makes me continue to buy here., and just so you know, I've been purchasing here for about 4 years now. The only issue I've had would be in the sizing department, but once I got that all right, the experience has always been pleasant. I recommend this item and I highly recommend thelees.
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