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Name : Mike Ger     Date : 2018-05-26    Hit : 1484    
Title  Size
Just wondering what would be the best size to fit me, I'm 6'2 and weight between 158-165lbs. I am thinking a medium in US would do the trick for slim fit Tops like long sleeve shirt and short sleeve. Also for bottoms, I wear 31x34 what size would you recommend for bottoms like jeans, pants etc...?

Thank you for your time.
admin   Hello

Given your weight and height, getting the size(US M) could be proper for you,
but there might be some size measurement discrepancy as body builds differ from person to person
and each item's measurement differs from item to item.
I think you can make right decisions for your proper size you would really like by checking the measurement tables thoroughly.
You can find the measurement tables when shopping at our shop in each item's page.
As for the pants, I would like to inform you that in regards with pants, we usually suggest the size based on the waist of the buyer.
So for example you are size ​34, we will suggest that you get the same size however,
we still strongly advise our buyers to check the size chart we provided for each item.
This will give you a further reference about the size measurements of the item, ​especially the item's LENGTH and other measurements to avoid any problem in fitting.

We are hoping that you could check out the size chart of the item and compare your measurements with the measurements given for each item.

Please understand that our size recommendation is only general guide based on the customer's height and weight.
As body builds vary between individuals, we highly recommend checking the actual measurement and the size decision should be made by you and we don't take any responsibility for the wrong size issue.

For any other concerns, please feel free to contact us again.
Thank you so much for the interest in our items and Have a great day!
Best Regards,

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