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Name : Extra Desther     Date : 2015-07-03    Hit : 884    
Title  (RDLS03)
I would like to know if you could send this color white I have on ny cart , I already payed for the red one you said you don\'t have it
Admin   Good day!

Thank you for the message.
First of all, we are very sorry for your sold out item (CEL56) and for the inconvenience it made.
The item was in demand and popular for the last few weeks, so we ran out of stock.
We did our best to get a stock of the item that we can send but, we weren't able to. So sorry for what happened.
We cannot find another good source of the item anymore.

Regrettably, we do not offer a White color version of item CEL56 and even for item RDLS03.
We are hoping that you will find another item in our shop that you'll like to get as a replacement for your sold out item.
It's fine to choose multiple items as long as the total cost will still be the same however, a slight difference is also fine.

Hoping to hear from you again.
Thank you so much and Have a great day!

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