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Name : Devan     Date : 2015-12-26    Hit : 950    
Title  (THS03)
If I\'m 6\'1\" and weigh 155 lbs. what would be the right size for me?
Admin   Good day!

Thank you for the message.
Given your height and weight, you fall in two sizes.
Your height falls in the size of the item that is equivalent to US XL size while your weight falls in the US Medium only.

This is based on a general size chart we are using in our shop for normal body built (not fat or muscular).

Here is our general size info.
Item's size equivalent to: US S ~up to 5' 4"(162cm), 140 lbs(63kg)
US M ~up to 5' 6"(167cm), 155 lbs(70kg)
US L ~up to 5' 8"(172cm), 170 lbs(77kg)
US XL~up to 6' 1"(185cm), 185 lbs(85kg)

*US Small = US 38

However, since it does not guarantee 100% free of size discrepancy as body built varies so in this case,
I think it will be better if you will check the size chart of the items instead.
In there, you will have further details about the measurement of chest, shoulder, sleeve, and especially the LENGTH of the item in each size.
Please be guided that measurements are done in cross-section (measuring across from one side to the other/ not the circumference) except for the Chest that is measured in circumference.

You will be able to see the size chart we provided for the item in its ITEM PAGE under the INFO & CARE section.
You can check the size chart of item THS03 in this link:

We hope that you will still check the size chart for further size reference.

For other concerns, please feel free to contact us again.
Thank you so much for the interest in our items and Have a great day!

Best regards,
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