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Name : najtrending     Date : 2016-07-13    Hit : 973    
Title  [Re] order i cant seem to track
najeir Mateland wrote :
>i made a purchase on July 4th and i cant seem to track my order, however i have received my receipt which signifies that the order has been placed and paid for. Some clarity on this issue would be appreciated. Order number: 20160705120454715GC.

thank you for such an expedient response, i looked at the DHL website using the tracking number, however i'm concerned as to why the destination service area is Norwalk, Connecticut and not 1186 reservoir avenue, Brigdeport Connecticut, since this is where i live. Will it be shipped to Norwalk then to Brigdeport or was there miscommunication about the address?
admin   Hello there

Thank you for your reply.
As checking the DHL website, Norwalk are shown as stop. Rest assured that the shipment will be processed through Norwalk to Brigdeport.
If you have any problems with receiving the package, please feel free to write back to us again.

I hope this message addresses your concerns. Thank you and have a good day!

Kind regards,
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