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Name : James Tucker     Date : 2017-11-01    Hit : 1540    
Title  Displeased with my order

Order#: 20171022151341393MC

I've shopped with TheLees for 3 years without problems. I recently ordered some shirts expecting the same fit and quality as previous orders. Unfortunately, it seems that you've adopted a brand named Nearkin, and I am very displeased with the fit and sizing of the shirts from this brand. The proportions are very strange, and they do not fit at all. Additionally, the sizing is different than any other shirt I've ordered from TheLees shop.

I would like to request a refund for my order. Please let me know if/how you want me to return the items.


James Tucker
admin   Hello

Thank you for your message.
I am really sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the product that you have purchased on our website.
I hope that you could understand that the sizing vary between brands and we are afraid that the Nearkin's product doesn't fit you well.
In this case, we will accept your return request and provide you a refund.
Please return the item to the below address:
2865 W. 7TH ST. UNIT A
LA , CA 90005
Tel: 213-738-9906
We cannot cover your return shipping fee so you can choose to send the items(s) through the cheapest shipping way.
Please include a paper note of your order #/ return reason/ and your request.
*After having your returned package in our US address, our US Team will be shipping it back to us in South Korea.
We will process your request after we receive and check the items you returned in South Korea.
After sending back the item, please never forget to show me a copy of the return shipping receipt that proves that you returned the item by attaching a picture of it here in this message.
You may send it on your next message as an attachment so I can check it.
If I could check the return receipt and delivery status, I will refund/send exchange item before transferring to South Korea.

Also, it would be great if you can clarify which items you're are returning of the order.

Hope to hear from you again.
Thank you and Have a great day!

Kind Regards,
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